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What in the world wide web is an SEO you might ask? Well we are here to help you answer all of your burning questions…

Imagine if you went to Google a business and it didn’t show up. Or better yet, if you Googled one and it had no reviews, and no direct links to the business’s website. This would make you trust the company less and definitely would deter you from hiring them for your needs or services. SEO is what helps legitimize your business and increases traffic to your website.

SEO stands for “search engine optimization” and this little magical tool can make an incredible difference in how you reach your audience in search engines such as Google. Standing out from the crowd can take you from a mediocre website, to a website with greater traffic, creating more leads. Implementing strong SEO into your website not only can put you quite literally at the top, but it also can further market your business, organization, etc. for future recommendations and clients. With a better SEO, the possibilities are endless…

Tips and Tricks

1.) Find out who your online audience is.

- This is key as it will help you market to your clients in an efficient manner

2.) Is it readable?

- The more understanding and legible your information on your website is to your audience, the better you can market to your clients. Google scrolls your website for information pertaining to your business. This feeds into the searches, so you want your content to match your target market.

3.) Extending your knowledge

- Is there something else that would be helpful for your readers/clients to understand? What other content can you add to make your website more valuable?

4.) A need for speed.

- The faster your information to get out into the world when someone clicks on your page, the more we can learn about your website and what you are trying to convey to your everyday readers. Email us and we can tell you about a Google Chrome plug in that can measure your website’s speed.

5.) Any visual learners out there?

- Make sure to add pictures and images! When you use your own images, the content becomes more specialized and unique to your webpage. This increases visibility and makes your readers/clients more engaged.

6.) You only state facts…

- Supporting what you claim is a major aspect of being at the top of your game, especially in the online world. Anyone can state a fact, however it takes a true source to be credible. Make sure that you are backing up your content with credible sources to ensure your audience that you’re the expert.

7.) Get back links and make back links. Link…link…link…

- Back links are embedded links within your webpages on your website that take you to either 1) other websites or 2) other pages within your website. This is important because they more backlinks that Google finds on your page the higher you show up in a search. Likewise, the more times your website domain shows up on other website’s pages, the hire you show up. So create back links within your own website and get your website linked from other domains.

Which leads us to the next topic….why social media is so important. BUTT that is for another blog post! Happy SEOing!

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